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​Welcome to the site of the National Goat Consortium (NGC).  The NGC is an initiative of the 1890 Land Grant Institutions that was first established in 2010, at which time the first National Goat Conference was hosted by Florida A & M University.  The National Goat Consortium works in partnership with other land grant institutions, non-profit organizations, government and other stakeholders to promote the goat industry.

The goals of the National Goat Consortium are as follows:

  • Create a forum to share research-based educational information on goat production, management, herd health and marketing to producers, agricultural professionals, and students.

  • Provide governmental agencies an opportunity to tell you what role they can play to support the U.S. goat industry (i.e., regulatory and marketing issues).

  • Encourage conference attendees to share with one another what they have learned from their experiences with other producers, agricultural professionals and educators from various communities throughout the United States and the world.

  • Improve the linkages between private entities, community-based organizations, land grant institutions and state and federal agencies to enhance the viability and sustainability of the goat industry in the U.S.

The signature event of the National Goat Consortium is the National Goat Conference which, since 2010, has trained over 1,000 producers, agricultural professionals and other stakeholders.  The conference was first hosted by Florida A&M University in 2010 and North Carolina A&T University in 2013 with the 2018 event hosted by Tuskegee University.



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